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Cambium Networks

Enterprise WiFi Solutions

Featuring our cnMaestro™ cloud based dashboard, cnMatrix™ smart managed POE switches and cnPilot™ access points

Indoor, outdoor, enterprise, and residential Wi-Fi network equipment and WLAN Solutions.

Simplicity is the ultimate satisfaction

Easily deploy professional, secure wired and wireless networks across one site or thousands—all from a single cloud-based dashboard with no recurring fees. cnMaestro™ brings it all together.

WiFi that just works – cnPilot™

  • Deploy the same IP67 rated access points in virtually any situation, indoors and outdoors: on ceilings, desktops, Ethernet wall jacks and more; only manage a few SKUs and save time on deployment planning
  • Zero-config, plug-and-play networking to configure devices ahead of time through the cloud and simply plug them in on site
  • Mesh technology and powerful range for reliable WiFi that eliminates dead zones
  • Seamless roaming throughout the network, making it easy to scale up any location

Continuously managed in the cloud with cnMaestro™

  • Create private and public networks quickly and easily using cnMaestro™
  • Add access points and switches on the fly
  • Control and monitor one or thousands of devices and locations from a single cloud dashboard
  • Remotely power cycle switches’ ports, set VLANS and PoE budgets, and view power consumption
  • Included lifetime cloud license with ongoing updates and enhancements—no ongoing fees

High performance that protects users with cnMaestro™

  • Products from cnPilot™ and cnMatrix™ built to reduce truck rolls with automatic failover and safe over-the-air upgrades using cnMaestro™
  • Over 99.99% cloud management uptime as backed by secure and reliable data centers
  • Prevent users on the public network from seeing each other or your wired network with built-in firewalls
  • Protect user data with an out-of-band management system that never sends network traffic to the cloud
  • Standards-based security, including WPA2/WPA Enterprise security, RADIUS and HTTP Auth authentication methods

The Cloud-Managed, Affordable Unified
Wired/Wireless Network stack

Controlled in the palm of your hand – cnMaestro™

  • Get ongoing information about devices, their OS, nearest AP, connection performance, and more
  • Monitor clients, overall bandwidth and application usage with deep packet inspection
  • Control access with upload and download throttles or block individual network abusers

Your network, your brand using cnMaestro™

  • Design the user experience with a built-in WYSIWYG splash page editor with mobile-friendly templates
  • Profit from pay-for-use options and collect secure credit card payments through PayPal
  • Enable third-party advertising platforms, multiple captive portal and client authentication tools, or integrate with property management systems
  • Increase reach and engagement by integrating with Facebook WiFi, Google or Twitter

Built to grow your business with cnMaestro™

  • Preferred pricing, deployment resources and early access to new hardware and software
  • Cambium Networks cnMaestro™ API access for integrations to existing management and reporting interfaces
  • Presence API to enable location-based marketing services and location analytics tools
  • Powerful third-party integrations to extend the power of your network
  • Custom brand cloud management so your brand can shine